Welcome to Greyhelm

An Independent LARP in SC

Join us for our next event on October 22-24 at Kings Mountain State Park (Camp York).
Visit the Events page for more information.

Greyhelm's rich history began with adventurers forging into unexplored frontier lands, overcoming “evil”, personal differences and many other hardships to build what is now known as the lands of Greyhelm.

Greyhelm....a land where crystal blue lakes and beautiful forests await you. A place where the rugged land is being tamed by those that have the fortitude and intelligence to survive its harsh beauty. A land where hundreds of different types of life all strive to survive and flourish in their own way. A land that holds deep secrets and treasures to tempt even the strongest of wills.

Greyhelm....a land where an ancient set of evils plague the people. A land in turmoil and danger. A land where the borders are being tested every day by things that walk in the nightmares of children. A land where one wrong move could hold disaster for you, and those you care for.

Greyhelm..A land where you can choose to make a hero out of yourself, or go the path of darkness and evil. A land where opportunity awaits you in many different forms. Temptations and honors, acts of courage and acts of depravity. A land where you alone know your story and will tell it to the world.

Greyhelm awaits you with open arms.
Will you will tell your story for all to hear?
Proclaim your name loud as thunder so that all may see your glory, or whisper it in the dark so that the foulest of magic obeys your command.
The choice is yours.
The story is yours.

The adventure..the adventure is Greyhelm!